Rezoning of Industrial Sites Around Drimnagh

Due to the current housing crisis, Dublin City Council are reviewing all Brownfield (Industrial Sites) within Dublin City that can be redeveloped as part of the City Development Plan. Whilst this is welcomed by the Drimnagh Residents’ Community Group, we are very aware of the number of industrial sites surrounding the residential vicinity. These run from Brickfield Drive, to Herberton Road and up along both sides of the canal from Davitt Road, incorporating Goldenbridge, Bluebell and Inchicore.

As the National Paediatric Hospital site is under development and with the commencement of Davitt Lock (Old Dulux Factory), Davitt Road has indeed, experienced a dramatic increase in traffic in both directions. Reports carried out by the National Paediatric Hospital Planning Office identified between 800 – 1,000 vehicles using Davitt Road as a main thoroughfare to and from Dublin City Centre. With an increase in carbon effluents, our residents are inhaling the largest amounts of pollutants recorded by the Environmental Protection Agency.

New builds require an increase in public services, from utility services (water, waste disposal, gas/electricity and broadband). An increase in social, affordable, new buys or build to rent will require more public transport services and less traffic congestion. It is within the public’s interest to be made aware of any future developments. However, our voices will only be heard by continuing to make submissions either to An Bord Pleanála or Dublin City Council Planning Office at the planning stage of a development. Once planning has been authorised, we have little or no power to restrict certain aspects of the plans. If you are concerned about future developments within your area, we ask that you work with us to manage change in our area. For more information on this topic please check out;


Rezoning Codes you need to be aware of;

  • Z1 – Residential zones
  • Z3 – Neighbourhood
  • Z5 – City Centre
  • Z6 – Industrial or zones of Employment
  • Z9 – Open Spaces
  • Z10 – Mixed use zones

In addition, it is also proposed to vary the City Development Plan by adding the following text to section ‘Adjacent development shall be designed to complement the Z9 area and to provide passive surveillance. Any future amendment in the width of a Z9 area, which is considered to be minor in nature, will be considered in special circumstances where the proposal will benefit the character of the area and there is no net loss of Z9 land’.

– Amenity/Open Space Lands/Green Network, seeks to facilitate the improvement of the functionality and passive surveillance of Z9 lands, where appropriate.

Brickfield Park, Drimnagh.

The purpose of the proposed re-zoning Variations is to change the land use zoning of well serviced (transport / water / drainage) but underutilised employment (Z6) zoned brownfield lands in built-up areas across Dublin City to residential/ mixed use/open space (Z1, Z3, Z5, Z9 and Z10).

This is to bring them into more intensive and efficient use in accordance with National and Regional planning policy and, in order to allow for a more compatible zoning objective at the local level.

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