Davitt House Flats – Storage Sheds at eastern boundary with former Dulux Factory Site

21st November, 2019

RE: Davitt House – Pramsheds

Hi Daithi,
Can we get some guarantee from the Council that residents who rent pramsheds will be informed by the relevant section of the council if their sheds have to be replaced due to damage?
The residents also are concerned tgey will lose their gates and should be given assurance that this will not happen.  Due to the lack of future parking facilities for the proposed Davitt Lock, the Housing & Maintenance Departments need to ensure they have the continuous ability to lock their gates.
Patricia Ryan

20th November,2019

Dear Councillor

The pram sheds at DCC’s Davitt House flat complex abuts a wall within the curtilage of the former Dulux Factory Site. DCC Housing Maintenance understand that a proposed private redevelopment on this site will necessitate deep excavation along the boundary. For this reason it was necessary for DCC to carry out an inspection to confirm the current condition of the pram shed walls. This will enable the Contractor put in place suitable measures to prevent damage to these storage sheds during construction activities. Regards Shane Connolly | Assistant Engineer | Housing & Community, Housing Maintenance, Block 2, Floor 3, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

Correspondence sent by Councillor Dáithí Doolan to Mary Taylor, Dublin City Councillor – 19th November, 2019

Subject: Survey in Davitt House

Mary, a chara, I am contacting you concerning Davitt House, Drimnagh. Residents have observed workers surveying the pram sheds in Davitt House. Can you confirm what is the purpose of this survey? Many thanks. Is mise, Cllr. Daithí Doolan

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