DRCG Correspondence to Brian Durkan Developments

20th November, 2019

Following our meeting with residents, concerns were raised about a number of issues regarding the demolition of the Old Dulux Factory. Please see a list of queries raised by DRCG on residents’ behalf.


Good Morning,

Just two updates on the Survey, properties 223 and 274 were missed yesterday, one you notified me about and one that was notified to me last evening. Can you reschedule  these for today.

On a separate note, we had our first full residents meeting last night, where we updated our members on our interactions to date. It was very well attended and some questions and observations were raised from the floor, that we had not previously covered with yourselves.

1)            Asbestos, Do you have a copy of the asbestos survey that you could furnish us with.

We do have an asbestos report but we cannot issue it to third parties due to copyright issues.

2)            Environmental report, most recent, showing air quality and dust particulate readings.

Yes I have attached a report from Phoenix environmental. (This has been posted on our site)

3)            Working Hours, Visual proof was presented showing activity on site well prior to official times on a couple of occasions.

I have checked with my Foreman Dermot on site and he has assured me that work has not commenced this week before 8am. Workers do arrive to site ahead of their start time, but do not commence work ahead of the permitted start time.

4)            HGV’s and full 35- 50 c/y skips exiting on Galtymore Rd.

Yes, this is because we need to clear the back yard and there is no alternative route. As discussed at the meeting we are only going on to Galtymore road when we have to and we will continue to try and keep this to a minimum.

5)            Contractors brushing down asbestos sheets before lowering to ground level.

All asbestos sheets are sprayed and brushed down to remove moss only, this is done with a sweeping brush and doesn’t release asbestos into the air and is a normal practice. All asbestos roofing is now removed, wrapped and will be removed from site.

6)            Concern over boundary walls adjoining Davitt House Complex and its status ???

We have been in touch with DCC who have told us there is an adjoining wall on their side of the Davitt House Complex and that their stores are independent of our wall. BMD will continue to monitor this and have placed Vibration monitors on this wall.

7)            ETA for site hoarding and type of hoarding,

The hoarding will be a timber hoarding and works to install this will commence in the coming weeks.

Anthony, if you could assist us in any of the above, we would appreciate this. Normally Rachael looks after our communications, but as I was contacting you anyhow about the survey, I thought the one communique would do, so I have “cc” Rachel on this as well.

Regards John.

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