National Childrens’ Hospital /BAM Noise Survey for Davitt Road

Survey Periods

Attended noise measurements were conducted at Locations DR1 to DR2 over the course one survey period as follows:

Daytime 09:30hrs to 12:30hrs Wednesday 4 February 2015

Unattended noise measurements were conducted at Location DR1 over a 5 day period to obtain a measurement of noise levels over the day and night-time periods both midweek and at the weekend.

The survey was conducted over the following survey period: · Wednesday 4 February to Monday 9 February 2015

The daytime measurements represent a typical period that was selected in order to provide a snapshot of the existing noise climate, with the primary purpose being to ensure that the proposed noise criteria associated with the development are commensurate with the prevailing environment.

The night-time period provides a measure of the lowest existing background noise levels. The weather during the attended survey periods was dry and bright with a breeze of less than 1m/s. The weather during the unattended survey periods was mixed with some periods of rain, however, the majority of survey periods were dry with wind speeds less than 5m/s.

Personnel and Instrumentation

Leo Williams (AWN) conducted the measurements and installed the unattended noise meters. Noise measurements were conducted using a Brüel & Kjær Type 2260/2238 Precision Sound Level Analyser. The measurement apparatus was check calibrated both before and after each survey using a Brüel & Kjær Type 4231 Sound Level Meter Calibrator.

Results and Discussion

The internal survey results are summarised in Table 1 The survey results for the unattended meter at location DR1 are summarised in Table 11.5.

Table 11.4: Summary of Davitt Road attended noise monitoring results

Table 11.5: Summary of Davitt Road unattended noise monitoring results

Receiver locations in the noise model

  • DR01 Residential Dwelling Galtymore Road
  • DR02 Residential Dwelling Galtymore Road
  • DR03 Residential Dwelling Galtymore Road
  • DR04 Residential Dwelling Galtymore Road
  • DR05 Residential Dwelling Galtymore Road
  • DR06 Residential Dwelling Galtymore Road
  • DR07 Residential Dwelling Galtymore Road
  • DR08 Residential Dwelling Galtymore Road
  • DR09 Residential Dwelling Carrow Road
  • DR10 Residential Dwelling Carrow Road

Estimated construction noise levels near Davitt Road compound site

Figure 11.14: Predicted noise levels at Davitt Road compound site

The free field external construction noise levels are well below 70dB LAeq,1hr for all residential locations assessed. In fact the predicted construction noise levels are of a similar order of magnitude to the existing background noise levels. It is therefore concluded that the activity on the Davitt Road compound is unlikely to generate a significant noise impact. Notwithstanding this, consideration should be given to the mitigation measures discussed in detail in Section in order to minimise the impact.

Predicted Impact of Construction Traffic

Similarly access to the Davitt Road Compound will be from the Davitt Road. While there are no residential properties in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the Davitt Road compound site there are some residential properties located along the Davitt Road where construction traffic will pass by. The nearest dwellings on Davitt Road are also approximately 5m from the centreline of the road.

Davitt Road construction traffic assumes a cumulative impact of both the traffic using the Davitt Road compound and also a proportion of the traffic accessing the main site via the Davitt Road.

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