1. Brendan Dempsey

    I am told that Mr Durkin is cosidering donating some money to St John Bosco. I would like to remind him that there are 3 other clubs in Drimnagh doing the same, if not harder work with the youths, and with no sponsorship because Bosco have all the shops and the credit union as sponsors ,and also have a grant from the sports council of Ireland. It is us the tenants living opposite this building site, that for the next 3 years will have to endure the dirt,noise, vermin invasion of privacy, trucks up and down the road passing our house`s everyday, no sleep, cleaning, and all the general upsurge this building will bring, And let me tell you from experience, whatever Bosco gets in sponsorship, Bosco keeps, they never have ,and never will share. Anyway this building does`nt affect them in any way whatsoever ,their thousands of yards away. The Tenants, and only the Tenants directly in the firing line of these buildings are going to suffer hardship associated with all that comes with these apartments.

    Brendan Dempsey
    234 galtymore road

    1. Patricia Ryan

      Hi Brendan,

      The Drimnagh Residents’ Community Group have not engaged with Brian Durkan Development Ltd for sponsorship of any sports club and are not aware of any sponsorship offered by the Developer.

  2. Patricia Ryan

    Hi Brendan,
    The Drimnagh Residents Community Group have their meeting on Tuesday, 28th January, 2020 @ 07:30 pm in Good Counsel GAA Club. This is a Committee Meeting dealing with various topics and events around Drimnagh. The issue of the Durkan Developmnt is not on the aagenda, however, you are welcome to attend.


  3. Patricia Ryan

    HI Brendan,

    The Monitoring Group of the Drimnnagh Residents’ Community Group will meet with the Developer next week, the time and date have yet to be confirmed. Following this there will be a meeting for residents to inform them of the outcome of that meeting.


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