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Dublin City Council’s Variation to DCC Development Plan 2016-2022 is hitting Drimnagh NOW!

There are several brownfield sites on the perimeter of Drimnagh which are now being re-developed. Planning laws have changed since 2017/2018 and the majority of developers are making planning applications through Strategic Housing Development Planning with An Bord Pleannala.

Fast track planning involves high density apartments blocks to facilitate the current housing needs. Recent planning developments that have been successful or going through planning stages are;

Carriglea – (Marlett Properties) Muirfield Drive, Bluebell, Dublin 12

340 Apartments granted by An Bord Pleannala with conditions. The site will comprise of two creches, a gym and retail units.

A decision is due today, 12/05/2021 from An Bord Pleannala. https://www.pleanala.ie/en-ie/case/309666

The Davitt – BM Durkan Ltd.,

265 BTR (Built to Rent) Apartments in four blocks 4-7 storeys in height. An Bord Pleannala (ABP) granted with conditions for Built to Rent with a 15 year convenant for rental only. The site will comprise of a gym, retail unit and media centre.

This development is well under way and was due to be completed by the end of 2021. However, due to the pandemic, this may well be end of 2022.  https://brianmdurkan.com/2019/07/17/new-contract/

Heidelberg Miller’s Davitt Ltd

188 apartments and 2 retail units over 9 storeys on the site of the Old Miller’s Site and SCR Garage, Davitt Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12.

This is a Built to Rent SHD Scheme which is currently awaiting a decision by An Bord Pleannala.  Check out the details at https://www.pleanala.ie/en-ie/case/307910  or https://www.davittbtrshd.com/

DCC Teabrook Ltd – Keeper Road

53 social housing apartments over six storeys in height, a creche and retail facility will be available also.

Dublin City Council sold the land for social housing at  47-53 Keeper Road, comprises of 53 units. This planning application has been sought through Dublin City Council Planning Authority and is awaiting a decision.  Details can be viewed at https://webapps.dublincity.ie/AnitePublicDocs/00928351.pdf

Brickfield House, Brickfield Drive, Dublin 12

Anthony Durkan of BM Durkan Ltd has applied for SHD planning permission for four blocks of apartments, 4 – 10 storeys in height at Brickfield House. The development will comprise of 282 apartments which will not be built to rent (BTR). However, a suggestion of Build to Buy is mentioned in the application, with a suggestion of Part V application (10% of the development goes to DCC Social Housing) and the purchase of the remaining 90% of apartments being sold to one entity with a view to private rental. Details of the site can be viewed at https://brickfieldhouseshd.ie/

Former G4S Property Herberton Road, Dublin 12.

This application is at pre-consultation stage with An Bord Pleannala for 170 apartments on the site of G4S at Herberton Road. This is part of the strategic housing development application where developers have consultation. 310080: Former G4S Property, Herberton Road, Dublin 12.  https://www.pleanala.ie/en-ie/case/310080

An Bord Pleannala Pre-Consultation Stage – Strategic Housing Development Planning

Prior to any application being made for development on our brownfield sites, developers have pre-consultation meetings with public bodies to determine the feasibility of a new build.  Meetings are arranged with utility bodies (ESB Networks, Gas Networks Ireland, Irish Water, Canal Networks Ireland), Dublin City Council Planning Department and An Bord Pleannala. If these bodies accept the proposed plans, An Bord Pleannala will give approval for the developer to apply for planning application.

The public then have five weeks only, to put a submission in to An Bord Pleannala. This must be submitted before 5:30 pm on the last date of submission. The planning reference number must be referenced in your submission. You can log on to https://www.pleanala.ie/en-ie/strategic-housing-development and make a submission with a fee of €20.00

Dublin City Council Planning Applications

Dublin City Council Planning Applications are somewhat clearer and straight forward. Drimnagh is divided between two boroughs / electoral wards. Benbulbin Road is the perforated road that divides the wards. Residents living on Benbulbin Road, from the shops down to, and including Dolphin Road, Keeper Road, Brickfield Drive, Herberton Road, Galtymore Road are all in the ward of South East Central.

Residents living on Benbulbin Road (opposite the shops), up as far as Naas Road, Crumlin Road and Davitt Road are located in the South Central Area of Dublin. Submissions can be made online with a fee of €20. https://webapps.dublincity.ie/swiftlg/apas/run/wphappcriteria.display

Sites for Development

  • Glenview Industrial Estate
  • Sunshine Industrial Estate
  • Davitt Road excluding Good Counsel GAA Club, up to and including the Marble Arch Pub
  • HSE (Old Lyons Tea Factory) Davitt Road
  • Árd Scoil Éanna, Crumlin Road

Drimnagh Needs Infrastructure

Proposed developments will account for 1,318 new apartments within the area which will bring 3,954 new inhabitants into Drimnagh. No one in the community disagrees with the need for additional housing. However, everyone is concerned about the current lack of infrastructure within Drimnagh itself, and this needs to be paramount to all developments. Most developments are promoting car reduction within the area and increased cycling networks. They are also promoting public transport with Bus Connect and the Red Line Luas. For those using the Luas, we need to be mindful of the proposed Emmet Road Development of 485 social housing units which is an additional 1,500 new residents that will join Drimnagh Residents along the canal.

If you have concerns about these proposed developments in your locality, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Drimnagh Residents’ Community Groupinfo@drimnaghcommunity.com

Brickfield Drive/Keeper Road Residents Associationbrickfield.dr.keeper.rd.resid.assoc@gmail.com

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