Drimagh Community Group Meeting 25/02/2020

The Drimnagh Resident’s Community Group hold their monthly meetings on the last Tuesday of every month. This is normally a meeting for the committee to discuss general topics affecting the area as they arise. However, on this occasion they are holding an open meeting where residents can engage with the committee on various topics. Click on Meeting Notes

DRCG Residents’ Meeting 19th November, 2019.

Tuesday 19th November- Resident Meeting

GAA Club- 7.30pm

The committee met with Durkan on Thursday 7th November and raised the following issues and concerns and he has agreed to co-operate with us at every stage of this project.

The Old Dulux Factory has been approved planning permission and the new build will now be called Davitt Lock, building works commenced on Monday 11th Nov. (They have said this will take approx. 2 years)

Issues with infestation, removal of asbestos & demolition

  • Healthy and safety officer will be present on site 5 days a week, the company being used for this is Turner & Townsend, Tara Street
  • The licenced company for Asbestos removal will be J Ryan Haulage LTD and the HSE will be monitoring the process, they will also be responsible for the demolition and will hand back the building once they have reached basement level
  • Phoenix environmental are monitoring the air quality on an on-going basis
  • Omega pest control will monitor the boxes on site every 2 weeks for rats and other infestation
  • A time frame of 3 months has been scheduled for demolition
  • There will be gate security present at each entrance (4 entrances in total) this is to ensure there is no dirt out on the roads and machines will regularly clean the roads
  • Every effort will be made to keep noise to a minimum and must not exceed 65dba

During the build;

  • Hoarding and protective netting (to reduce dust) will surround the build once it commences & a water shield will be in place
  • Materials and rubble etc. will all come and go through the Davitt Road entrance
  • Two cranes will be on site for the duration of the build and mobile cranes when needed
  • There will be a 24 hour monitored security system in place and they will be on call if needed
  • The working hours will be Monday- Friday 8am- 7pm, Saturday 8am until 2pm and further down the road if behind on schedule Sundays may be allowed
  • Traffic on Davitt Road and Galtymore Road will be manned
  • Durkan has notified us that we will be kept informed in the event of water or electrical services being cut off

Construction workers on site:

  • Due to the area around the site being already over populated we have agreed with Durkan that scheduled breaks will happen 
  • We have agreed that there will be an offsite designated smoking area
  • Durkan will offer incentives for employees on site- €4 car parking at Kylemore Road, leap cards & bus tickets
  • There will be sub-contractors on board for various trades

Once the build is complete;

  • There will be a full management team on site 24 hours a day and it will be tightly run
  • The gate will open and close in line with DCC opening and closing times of parks through summer and winter
  • 206 Apartments will face out onto the canal
  • 3m single basement for parking which will offer 119 car parking spots
  • No crèche facility onsite 
  • Gym & Media Centre on site (Media centre will facilitate anyone working from home) 
  • The remains of the Millstone will be designed into the building

We asked why he is building to rent as opposed to building to sell?

  • The banks would not finance a build to sell scheme so he has had to build to rent, on the condition that they cannot be sold for 15 years
  • 10% will go to Dublin City Council

On conclusion

  • Durkan has agreed to continue to meet with Drimnagh Residents Community Group once a month until the build is complete
  • He wants to work with residents to remain good neighbours
  • We will be looking for feedback on how he can add community gain to Drimnagh- employment, use of the media centre, gym etc?

Good gestures for neighbours and people that will be effected by the build;

  • Due to Pile Driving taking place residents can avail of a Site Survey to be undertaken- Each neighbour will receive their own report
  • A suggestion has been put forward for window and cars to be cleaned regularly
    *Please feel free to add your suggestions during the meeting

Dermot visited the site on Monday 11th Nov just after they had commenced he came back with the following;

He spoke with Anthony Doyle who was very obliging to show him around, Dermot seen them moving sheet by sheet of asbestos then wrapping it twice before the removal. 

Rachel also spoke with Durkan on Friday with concerns from neighbours regarding the removal of the asbestos;

He has assured that the asbestos is being removed in line with good practice and health and safety regulations, the asbestos is first removed and then covered on site before being taken off site. This is done on a regular basis as the job proceeds and it is not left lying around once removed. Pictures provided to show that each piece is being removed by hand and no machinery is being used;

Davitt House Flats – Storage Sheds at eastern boundary with former Dulux Factory Site

21st November, 2019

RE: Davitt House – Pramsheds

Hi Daithi,
Can we get some guarantee from the Council that residents who rent pramsheds will be informed by the relevant section of the council if their sheds have to be replaced due to damage?
The residents also are concerned tgey will lose their gates and should be given assurance that this will not happen.  Due to the lack of future parking facilities for the proposed Davitt Lock, the Housing & Maintenance Departments need to ensure they have the continuous ability to lock their gates.
Patricia Ryan

20th November,2019

Dear Councillor

The pram sheds at DCC’s Davitt House flat complex abuts a wall within the curtilage of the former Dulux Factory Site. DCC Housing Maintenance understand that a proposed private redevelopment on this site will necessitate deep excavation along the boundary. For this reason it was necessary for DCC to carry out an inspection to confirm the current condition of the pram shed walls. This will enable the Contractor put in place suitable measures to prevent damage to these storage sheds during construction activities. Regards Shane Connolly | Assistant Engineer | Housing & Community, Housing Maintenance, Block 2, Floor 3, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

Correspondence sent by Councillor Dáithí Doolan to Mary Taylor, Dublin City Councillor – 19th November, 2019

Subject: Survey in Davitt House

Mary, a chara, I am contacting you concerning Davitt House, Drimnagh. Residents have observed workers surveying the pram sheds in Davitt House. Can you confirm what is the purpose of this survey? Many thanks. Is mise, Cllr. Daithí Doolan

DRCG Correspondence to Brian Durkan Developments

20th November, 2019

Following our meeting with residents, concerns were raised about a number of issues regarding the demolition of the Old Dulux Factory. Please see a list of queries raised by DRCG on residents’ behalf.


Good Morning,

Just two updates on the Survey, properties 223 and 274 were missed yesterday, one you notified me about and one that was notified to me last evening. Can you reschedule  these for today.

On a separate note, we had our first full residents meeting last night, where we updated our members on our interactions to date. It was very well attended and some questions and observations were raised from the floor, that we had not previously covered with yourselves.

1)            Asbestos, Do you have a copy of the asbestos survey that you could furnish us with.

We do have an asbestos report but we cannot issue it to third parties due to copyright issues.

2)            Environmental report, most recent, showing air quality and dust particulate readings.

Yes I have attached a report from Phoenix environmental. (This has been posted on our site)

3)            Working Hours, Visual proof was presented showing activity on site well prior to official times on a couple of occasions.

I have checked with my Foreman Dermot on site and he has assured me that work has not commenced this week before 8am. Workers do arrive to site ahead of their start time, but do not commence work ahead of the permitted start time.

4)            HGV’s and full 35- 50 c/y skips exiting on Galtymore Rd.

Yes, this is because we need to clear the back yard and there is no alternative route. As discussed at the meeting we are only going on to Galtymore road when we have to and we will continue to try and keep this to a minimum.

5)            Contractors brushing down asbestos sheets before lowering to ground level.

All asbestos sheets are sprayed and brushed down to remove moss only, this is done with a sweeping brush and doesn’t release asbestos into the air and is a normal practice. All asbestos roofing is now removed, wrapped and will be removed from site.

6)            Concern over boundary walls adjoining Davitt House Complex and its status ???

We have been in touch with DCC who have told us there is an adjoining wall on their side of the Davitt House Complex and that their stores are independent of our wall. BMD will continue to monitor this and have placed Vibration monitors on this wall.

7)            ETA for site hoarding and type of hoarding,

The hoarding will be a timber hoarding and works to install this will commence in the coming weeks.

Anthony, if you could assist us in any of the above, we would appreciate this. Normally Rachael looks after our communications, but as I was contacting you anyhow about the survey, I thought the one communique would do, so I have “cc” Rachel on this as well.

Regards John.

Property Surveys Correspondence

22nd November, 2019

Hi John/ Rachel,

We have now completed the list provided to us by yourselves of residents who wished to have their property’s survey. We will send on these reports to each house owner individually when they are completed by our engineer.

In response to your queries below please see my reply in red.

Kind regards,

Anthony Durkan


Brian M Durkan & Co Ltd

Air Quality Control during construction of the National Children’s Hospital

Air Quality

According to the EIS report carried out by the National Children’s Hospital, Construction dust has the potential to cause local impacts through dust nuisance at the nearest sensitive receptors (including hospital buildings).

In addition to construction dust, there is the potential for Aspergillus impacts to occur. Construction activities such as excavation, earth moving and backfilling may generate quantities of dust, particularly in dry and windy weather conditions. While dust from construction activities tends to be deposited within 200 m of a construction site, the majority of the deposition occurs within the first 50 m

The extent of any dust generation depends on the nature of the dust (soils, peat, sands, gravels, silts etc.) and the nature of the construction activity. In addition, the potential for dust dispersion and deposition depends on local meteorological factors such as rainfall, wind speed and wind direction. Vehicles transporting material to and from the site also have the potential to cause dust generation along the selected haul routes from the construction areas

Operational Phase – Air Quality

There is the potential for a number of emissions to the atmosphere during the operational phase of the development. In particular, the traffic-related air emissions may generate quantities of air pollutants such as NO2, CO, benzene and PM10. The energy requirements of the site from boilers and generators may also give rise to some air emissions.


There is the potential for a number of greenhouse gas emissions to atmosphere during the operational phase of the development. Road traffic and space heating of buildings may give rise to CO2 and N2O emissions. There is the potential for a number of greenhouse gas emissions to atmosphere during the construction of the development. Construction vehicles, generators etc., may give rise to CO.

Vehicles (including HGV’s and LGV’s) travelling to and from the site during the construction phase have the potential to cause dust nuisance at nearby sensitive receptors. The receptors modelled represent the worst-case locations close to the proposed development and were chosen due to their close proximity (within 200 m) to the road links which will be impacted by the addition of construction traffic during the construction phase of the proposed development.

The traffic data used in this assessment was provided by Arup Consulting Engineers. Worst case speeds i.e. peak hour speeds were applied to the applicable road links.

PM10 concentrations are well within the annual limit value at all worst-case receptors. In addition, the 24-hour PM10 concentration of 50 μg/m3 , which can only be exceeded 35 times per year within the limit, is found to be in compliance at all receptors. The greatest number of exceedances are predicted to be 2 days per year at each receptor. Annual average PM10 concentrations are at most, 46% of the limit value, at the worst-case receptor. PM2.5 concentrations at all worst-case receptors are well below the limit value of 25 μg/m3 . The annual average PM2.5 concentration peaks at most, 48% of the limit value, at the worst-case receptor.