Luas Red Line

The Luas Red Line is a frequent light rail service that connects The Point (Docklands) and Connolly Station to the east of the city centre with Tallaght and Citywest on the south western periphery of the city.

Drimnagh is primarily served by the Red Line Luas along Davitt Road adjacent to the north entrance to Drimnagh. There are four inbound and outbound stops located along

  • Davitt Road
  • Suir Road
  • Goldenbridge
  • Drimnagh
  • Blackhorse

Luas Red Line services operate from 5:30 AM until midnight.  Typical weekday frequencies of the Luas services on the Red line are presented in Table 6.5.

Luas Service Frequency AM Peak Hours PM Peak Hours Inbound – To Connolly & The Point 4-10 mins    10-15 mins Outbound  To Tallaght & Saggart    4-10 mins      10-15 mins

Based on 2014 Red Line Patronage Surveys, the maximum line flow at Rialto / Fatima occurs between 08:00 and 09:00 inbound during the week.

  • The inbound flows during this hour are approximately 1,800 passengers whereas the capacity of the inbound service at that time is 3,500 passengers.
  • The New Paediatric Hospital will employ 3,200 staff of which 3,000 will be based at the St James’s Campus.
    • It will annual cater for
      • 320,000 outpatients
      • 120,000 urgent care patients.
  • St James’s Hospital currently employ 4,500 staff
    • Excluding
      • Staff & students travelling to/from
        • Trinity College Dublin – City Centre
        • Trinity College Medical Campus – St James’s Campus
      • Staff at The Blood Transfusion Board
      • Staff at The Private Clinic

The increased passenger use on the Red Line Luas, will be further impacted upon by the proposed residential developments within

  • Drimnagh
    • The DavittDurkan Developments (265 apartments for 560 residents)
    • Proposed redevelopment of land from Benbulbin Road to Good Counsel GAA Club on Davitt Road (2,000 residents)
    • Proposed development at Brickfield House & Sunshine Industrial Estate
    • Proposed development at Herberton & Keeper Roads
  • Inchicore
    • Circle Voluntary House – 52 Apartments for the Elderly
    • Social & Private Homes – 470
  • Goldenbridge
    • Proposed development of Goldenbridge Industrial Estate
  • Bluebell
    • Proposed development of Carriglea – 385 Apartments

There are further proposed developments due to be built at Cork Street, Old Kilmainham, James’s Street and The Back of the Pipes – Guinness Development Plan. Parkgate Street and Wolfe Tone Quay are also due for redevelopment.

Whilst not all residents of Drimnagh and the surrounding areas use the Red Line Luas due to other modes of transport i.e, cars, cycling, mopeds, walking, there will be a significant increase in the number of passengers travelling on the Luas at peak times.